Elections 2019 Changes

Each year, Loughborough Students’ Union is led by a team of Executive Officers, who are elected by you. They represent your views, fight your corner and aim to make sure that every aspect of your University experience is the best it can be.

This year, we’re doing things a little differently. Following, feedback from you, the students, alongside previous LSU Executive Officers, we’ve gone back to the drawing board and developed a new model of representation that means we can listen and respond to even more students and be passionate about the things you care about.


Executive Changes
  • You’ll now be represented by 5 full-time Executive Officers.
    • They will be responsible for the overall running of the Union alongside implementing the Union’s Strategic Plans.
    • To be the active voice of students, representing them on various University committees, and actively seeking the current views and issues of students.
    • Acts as a trustee for the organisation.
  • The 5 Executive Officers:
    • President
    • Vice President
    • Education
    • Welfare and Diversity
    • Sport
  • The Sport EO will be supported by the Athletic Union Clubs Officer who will support and oversee the running of the AU Clubs alongside implementing initiatives that gives AU members a better sporting experience
Section Changes
  • In addition, to this, our Sections will be led by 4 Section Chairs will lead the activity within each of our sections.
    • Run/lead their own section within LSU, actively engaging as many students as possible.
    • Leading the running of section related events and projects for students.
    • Developing students in their own section, through organising training, and implementing workshops for students.
    • Allow activities sections to focus on their areas and improve their provision.
  • The 4 Section Chairs:
    • Action
    • Rag
    • Societies
    • Enterprise and Employability
  • Alongside our Executive Officers and Section Chairs, we will have a number of voluntary roles that will facilitate further student representation, these roles will be elected from within ringfenced student demographics. E.g. Postgraduate Students will be invited to elect their Postgraduate President.
  • The 3 voluntary positions include:
    • Media Chair, supported by a paid intern to facilitate and lead on training and development.
    • Postgraduate President
    • International Chair
    • College students represented by a College President who will be elected in the college later in the year in line with the college term dates.
    • Responsible for representing students and delivering activities from the wide range of opportunities across LSU and sits on the governing body of Loughborough College.
Who has made this decision?
This process was started by the Executive of 2017-18 but was continued and finalised by the current Executive with the final form being signed off at Board of Trustees.
What is the difference between the Executive and the Section Heads?
In the past it has been suggested that the Section Heads do not have enough time to focus on their section and that is what we allowed them to do. The five Executive will act as trustees and as representatives of the Union as whole, thus freeing up the Section Heads to exert more energy into their section.
Why are the Vice President’s being combined into one role?
Having one sole Vice President would ensure faster and smoother decision making as well as efficient Section Head support. It will combine the roles of the two but with less of a financial role leaving that to the President and permanent staff members.
Will there still be student input on Union finances?
In short, yes. This will come via the Finance and Risk sub-committee on the Board of Trustees which shall contain two student members of the Board of Trustees.
What is the Clubs Officer and how is it different to the Sports EO?
The Clubs Officer will do a largely similar job to the current AU Intern in that they will support the Sport EO with the day to day running of the Loughborough Sport Section, being the immediate contact with individual members, committees, and Kukri representatives.
Will the PostGraduate Chair be in charge of the academic representation?
The Education EO will take the lead on academic representation for the Postgrads as well as further involvement from Student Voice. The Postgraduate President will too be involved in elements of this process, but their role is more social.
How are they to be elected?
All positions apart from the AU Clubs Officer will be elected in a cross campus ballot. The Clubs Officer will be elected via a membership wide ballot within the Sports section.
What about pay?
All our paid student representatives will receive exactly the same salary as they have done in the past years. The 5 ‘Executive’ members will be paid the same as our section heads.
What is happening to Media?
Media will still be represented but not by a paid student volunteer. The Media Chair shall be unpaid and will be student volunteer role, but they will be supported by a paid intern who shall have the technical skills needed to make the section run.
Where will International sit?
The International chair will continue to reside under the Welfare and Diversity section with support from the Welfare and Diversity EO.
If I have any further questions that have not been answered, to whom do I turn?
If you have any further questions at all please email vpaffairs@lsu.co.uk or pop in to the Exec Office (where the old Rag office was) and find Olly Norman who will happily answer your questions.
Feeling a little lost?
Feeling a little lost?

If you’re new to democracy at LSU – let us lend a helping hand.

LSU is run by you, our members. Every member has a say in how we are run, the campaigns we campaign and the policies we propose. Our members do this by electing full-time Executive Officers to act on your behalf. Once elected, your Executive Officers turn your brilliant ideas into policies and campaigns that have a positive impact on our student community alongside ensuring Loughborough continues to have the best student experience.