Do Awards in Wonderland


Thank you for taking time to complete this application. 
The nomination period begins on 27th March and ends 1st May.

Enterprise and Employability DO:

*Employability champion: Awarded to a student who has promoted and encouraged other students to attend employability events/activities throughout the year.

*Student ambassador of the year: Awarded to a student ambassador who has represented the University/Union effectively when carrying out their role by showing outstanding committment, dedication and knowledge in providing the best possible experience to our prospective students.

*Lifetime achievement for leadership: Awarded to a student who has demonstrated outstanding leadership ability throughout their time at Loughborough.

Ethical and Environmental DO:

* FREEC Rep of the year: Awarded to the individual who has gone above and beyond in their role as FREEC Rep this year. Someone who is always doing what they can to help their hall move up the Environment League

* Most improved FREEC Hall: The hall that has shown incredible dedication to the section and really stepped up its involvement within the FREEC section from previous years and used new and creative ideas to really push FREEC amongst Freshers

* FREEC Event of the Year: This is an award to congratulate an event which ran without the help of the E&E DO. This event should have promoted and illustrated the core values of which FREEC endorses

* E&E Committee member of the year: The member that had constantly been engaged with E&E and brought new ideas to the section and had constant involvement with FREEC Reps and filtering E&E to halls

* FREEC Hall of the Year: The hall that has worked hard to do well in the league and has constantly promoted FREEC, ensuring that events have been put out in halls and encourage as many people as they can in their hall to come to FREEC events held in the Union.


International DO:

International Event of the Year: 
The student, society or Hall that lead an event which engaged a significant number of UK and international students and providing a diverse range of activities and/or performances, and contributing to the internationalisation of the Union or Hall.

International Student of the Year: 
An international student who has actively involved themselves in Hall and Union activities, depicting the essence of experiencing and engaging with other cultures. Also, an international student who has made efforts to teach others of their own culture and traditions.

Outstanding contribution to the International Section: 
A student, rep, Hall or society that has contributed massively to the International Section, engaging with International events and lead events that benefited our International students or contributed to the Internationalisation of the Union.

Committee Member of the Year: 
A member of the International Committee or the International Students Network that has gone above and beyond their job description in successfully initiating, advertising and promoting International Students’ events, furthermore they have gone the extra mile to make sure international students feel like their at home and have a point of contact at LSU.

International Hall of the Year: 
The hall that has put strong dedication to the section, creating events engaging both home and International students and contributed to the internationalisation of the Hall as well as promoting International Union Events with the impeccable engagement of the PAAIR/Welfare and Diversity Rep and their place on the league table.

Exchange/Erasmus student of the Year: 
A student that is part of the Erasmus Scheme or the International Exchange program (so who is studying at Loughborough for six months or a year) and that has been heavily involved with Union activities in that short period of time.


Community DO:

* Community Event of the Year: An event put forwards by a hall of residence encompassing the engagement of their affiliate and returner students or any other event making a notable contribution towards the community.

* Community Champion: A particular student who has gone above and beyond expectations and made a notable and positive difference to the wider Loughborough Community showing that the ‘Loughborough Bubble’ extends beyond our campus.

* Returner/Affiliate of the Year: A particular student who has returned to halls beyond first year, or who has affiliated to a hall but lived outside of it, and who has made a telling contribution to their hall.

* Community Hall of the Year: The winner of the Community DO league table, based upon their activities involving affiliate and returner students, whilst also taking notes of the contribution of the hall towards the community.

* Student Watch Volunteer of the Year: Outstanding contribution to the Loughborough Community Award.


* PAAIR Hall of the Year: Winner of the league table combining the Community league table, Alumni league table and International league table.

* PAAIR Rep of the Year: Awarded to the PAAIR rep who has gone above and beyond in their duties as an PAAIR rep, developing the opportunities and experiences for town students, placement students, international students and Alumni students

* The Development Officers’ Award: Awarded to the individual, group or section that has contributed the most to the development sections of the Students’ Union. Development sections include the Community (students in town), Global (International Students), Alumni (Students that have graduated), Postgrad and Ethical & Environmental.

* Outstanding Alumni Contribution: 

* Best Alumni Event: 

* Alumni Hall of the Year: