How Do I Run For A Position?
You can nominate yourself for any Position by completing the online Nomination Form at: lsu.co.uk/elections
When Do Nominations Close?
Nominations close on Friday 14th February 2020 at 12pm (Noon).
Can I Run For More Than One Role?
Unfortunately, you can only stand for ONE POSITION during the LSU Elections 2020.
Who Is Eligible To Run For A Position?
You will need to be a member of Loughborough Students' Union and your eligibility to run will be checked, following the close of nominations, against both LSU's and Loughborough University's discipline records.
I'm Thinking Of Running, What Support Is Available?
The Students’ Union is able to provide a variety of support.
We will be running a number of optional workshops and training sessions throughout the nomination period. The sessions are designed to help with all the essentials of running in the LSU Exec Elections, answer any burning questions and help you write a killer manifesto!
Thinking of Running Workshops (Please note this session also includes information on Campaigning and Budgeting) :
Monday 3rd February, 4pm-6pm, Council Chamber
Wednesday 5th February, 4-6pm, Michael Pearson Board Room
Monday 10th February, 6-7pm, Michael Pearson Board Room
Wednesday 12th February, 6-7pm, Michael Pearson Board Room

Officer Q&A Workshops:
Tuesday 4th February, 6-7pm, Council Chamber
Tuesday 11th February, 4-5pm, Michael Pearson Board Room

Manifesto Workshops:
Thursday 6th February, 6-7pm, Council Chamber
Thursday 13th February, 4-5pm, Michael Pearson Board Room

Full-time staff members will also be on hand to assist you during the campaigning process.
If you have queries about running in the Exec Elections 2020, please email elections@lsu.co.uk or alternatively speak to the current elected Executive Officer for guidance and shadowing opportunities.
Can I Nominate A Friend?
Yes! If you think a friend would be suited to a role, you can nominate them using our 'Recommend A Friend' survey. We’ll do the rest.
What Is A Manifesto?
Your manifesto is your chance to tell other students why they should vote for you and sets out your ideas and plans. You should explain why you want to represent students and what changes or projects you would implement if you are elected.

Your manifesto is limited to 250 words. When you submit your nomination form online, this must be text only but you can embed links to social media pages, videos, images. Many candidates also choose to create artwork for their manifesto, which you can use as part of your campaign materials.

For some friendly and helpful advice on writing your manifesto, come along to one of our training sessions:
Manifesto Workshops:
Thursday 6th February, 6-7pm, Council Chamber
Thursday 13th February, 4-5pm, Michael Pearson Board Room

If you have any queries relating to your manifesto, please email elections@lsu.co.uk or alternatively speak to the current elected Executive Officer for guidance.
Where Can I Find Examples of Previous Manifestos?
Do The Elections Have Rules?
Yes, the rules for the Exec ELections 2020 (Bye-Laws 3: Elections) are available here.
You should read these carefully, as any breach of these rules (by either Candidates or Campaign Teams) will result in a potential investigation and you may be penalised if the rules are breached. The rules are in place to ensure that the Exec Elections are fun, free and fair.
When Submitting My Nomination, What Does The 'Supporting Information' Field Require?
When submitting your nomination online, you will be asked to include any additional information in the 'Supporting Information' field. This information acts as an instruction to the Sue Lucas (Head of Governance) to ensure you receive adequate support during the Elections.

This field can include information such as your preferred name (which is displayed on the Election Ballot), additional assistance requirements and any other information that allows us to support you throughout the election period.

If no additional information is required, please leave this field blank when submitting your nomination.
I'm Unable To Access The Website, How Can I Fix My Account?
First of all, you will need to check that you are a member of the Students’ Union. If you're having problems you can check our Logging-In FAQ's here.

Once you have checked via the self-service portal that your data is shared with LSU under the "Data Usage Preferences" tab, please allow up to 24 hours for your request to be processed and updates to be made.

Following the completion of the above steps, if you are still unable to access lsu.co.uk please email Sue Lucas (Head of Governance) for further assistance.

Can I Use An Existing Character/Theme/Brand For My Campaign?
When Designing My Campaign T-Shirts, What Should I Include?
Where Can I Find Examples Of Previous Campaign Posters?
When Can I Start Campaigning?
Candidates can begin campaigning after the Live Reveal on Friday 28th February 2020 at 8pm.
How Much Is The Candidate Budget?
The candidate budget is set to £75.00 (this is a non-refundable out of pocket expense). You will be required to submit a budget form prior to the Candidate Reveal (Friday 28th February, 8 pm) and any overspend will result in a one-hour penalty for every £1.00 overspend (an overspend of £24.00 or more will result in disqualification).

If you have any queries relating to your manifesto, please email elections@lsu.co.uk.
How Much Is The Candidate Printing Budget?
LSU will subsidise 120 A4 Colour prints, all other printing will need to be accounted for within your budget.

Any additional prints must be accommodated with your candidate budgets. The costs are as follows:
- Additional prints provided by LSU = 12p per print
- Additional prints are printed at home (via a personal printing device) = The cost of the whole printer paper pack
- Additional prints printed via a professional printing company must be accompanied by an invoice and declared on your candidate budget.
How Many People Can I Have On My Campaign Team?
Prior to the Candidate Reveal (Friday 28th February 2020,8pm), you may only have three campaign members within your social media groups and a maximum of 20 members who have shown an interest in aiding your campaign. Following the Candidate Reveal, there is no limit on the number of campaign members within your team.
Can Student Groups Endorse Candidates?
No, student groups cannot endorse candidates in an official capacity.

When Does Voting Open?
Voting opens on Tuesday 3rd March at 9.00am.
Where Can People Vote?
Voting is open from 3rd March (9am) - 6th March (4pm) and all votes are cast online through the Students’ Union website.

There will also be a number of ballot locations around campus (running from 10am - 4pm each day) including at the LSU, James France, EHB, West Park Teaching Hub and the Library.
How Does Voting Work?
The Students’ Union uses the Single Transferable Vote (STV) method, where voters rank the candidates in order of preference. By voting this way, you can tell us that if your favourite candidate doesn’t win, then you don’t mind your second favourite winning, or third favourite, or so on. When voting closes and we count the results of the election, we require a candidate to have over 50% of the votes to win. If no candidate gets over 50% of the votes, then we eliminate the candidates with the lowest scores and redistribute your voting preferences until someone does.

Voting will open online (and at locations across campus) on Tuesday 3rd March 2020, 9.00am.
Who is R.O.N?
We include the option to Re-Open Nominations (R.O.N) in every Students’ Union Election.
You would usually vote for this option if you do not want to vote for any of the candidates on the ballot. If R.O.N wins the election, the post will be re-opened for a bye-election at a suitable time in the future.
When Is The LSU Elections 2020 Results Night?
Results night will be held on the evening of Friday 6th March 2020.
What Happens If I Win?
Congratulations! We’ll be in touch shortly after the Results Night to let you know what to expect over the coming months ahead of starting in your role as an Executive Officer in June.
How Do I Make A Complaint About The Elections Process?
If any candidate wishes to make a formal complaint, they must follow the process found in Bye-Law (3) Elections (Section 3.11).

Complaints must be submitted in writing to the Acting Returning Officer and (if necessary) the Elections Sub-Committee will investigate to obtain further evidence. The Acting Returning Officer will rule upon the complaint and if necessary, issue penalties at their discretion.
I Have A Question That Is Not Answered Here, What Should I Do?
If you have a question that isn't answered in the Candidate Pack, Rules or in the FAQs above please email elections@lsu.co.uk and we would be more than happy to help.