Important Information- Please read before completing the form.

Fundraising Stand Instructions for LSU:
 - We'll provide you with an allocated space, table and chairs 
 - If you'll need power please let your contact know in advance
 - Please bring a table cloth with you for decorative and health & safety reasons
 - Please provide customers with a bag or napkin to take any food away
 - Only cakes and biscuits are able to be sold (doughnuts of any brand are no longer permitted to be sold)
 - You should have signage around your table detailing what you're fundraising for
 - If you're fundraising for a project with Rag, please bring a sealed bucket
 - When your fundraising activity has finished, please ensure you take your money to the Rag office to be counted
 - Stands are normally able to fundraise from 10am until 5pm, this is subject to change 
 - When you arrive please find your allocated table in Piazza
 - If you have any queries on the day please get in touch with the Marketing office via Reception
 - You shouldn't approach customers sat at Piazza/Cognito tables
 - Please let your contact at the Union know asap if you no longer require the stall
If you are distributing food as part of your activity: 
Please read and comply with the guidelines for allergens and catering advice for charity and community groups.
* To be able to distribute food, please have a look at this information and complete this allergen chart. *


Please use the form below to apply for fundraising activity in the Students' Union building.


Student ID: 

Email Address: 

Phone Number: 

Fundraising Section (if applicable): 

Fundraising Project: 

Fundraising Target: 

Activity Type: 

Preferred Location: 

*Please email our Venue Department on to book any of our other spaces (Room 1, Fusion etc).

Further Activity Details: 

Preferred date:  
(Please note, bake sales may only take place on Friday's due to an agreement with our catering department. Dates are not confirmed until you have been emailed by a member of LSU Marketing staff.)


 I have read and agree to the guidelines and instructions above.