Come and get involved with Action
Come and get involved with Action

What is Action?


Action is the community volunteering section of the Loughborough Students' Union.  We offer a large diversity of volunteering opportunities. 


Action is run by an elected Section Chair who focuses soley on the section. They oversee a committee made up of 11 members, including a full time administrator Anne (who is our queen and knows everything!) The committee members oversee their project leaders, hall reps and department reps and report back to the section chair. 


Within Action, over 1400 students contribute over 23,000 hours of volunteering in a variety of projects, which include working with children, the elderly and those with learning difficulties, but also they have an opportunity to help overseas in areas such a Thailand, Uganda, Nepal or India!  



Action Section Chair: Pippa Baynham 

Action is made up of 8 individual Sections: 

A-teams (Hall-Led Projects):

Each hall committee will have 2 Action reps who are responsible for recruiting volunteers for our one off projects which take place on a Wednesday afternoon (most Loughborough students have Wednesday afternoons off, which gives you a great opportunity to join us on a project!) We also have weekend projects such as helping at an alpaca farm.  

A team projects usually include: dog walking, IT sessions with the elderly, gardening, helping at a horse riding school, or doing the odd job for an elderly person in the local area who just needs help from our amazing students!

Section projects:  

There are 6 sub-sections in Action. These are: Community Outreach, International, Young Persons, Equalities & Diversity, Sports and Overseas. They all have projects which you can sign up to and volunteer in your own time alongside your degree. Some projects within schools require weekly commitment and others are just for you to join in whenever you feel up to it! The overseas projects require fundraising, but support is available not only through committee, but also through Rag (the LSU fundraising section). 

Theres a project for everyone and if you can't find the perfect project, let us know and we'll set a new one up!! 

Department-Led Projects:

Not everyone has a hall, but everyone has a department! This is your way to get involved in general 'a-team' style projects without affiliating to a hall. Department representatives are often called SIO's and are elected within a department committee. They can also propose projects relevant to your course that can help you build up your CV. 


For more information on how to Get Involved In Action please email, call 01509 635041 or visit the Action Office; upstairs in the students' Union.