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Ask a Student allows you to hear from Loughborough Students and learn their thoughts and experiences about their time at the University.  They are able to share insights and opinions about their course, their department, social and extra curricular activities and much, much more.  All our students have been trained as Peer Mentors, have an understanding of the student experience at Loughborough and have demonstrated knowledge of the support and opportunities available at the University and Students' Union. 

Please fill out the form below, giving us as many details as you can about the area you are interested in, so we can ensure we provide the relevant answer.  Our Student Mentors at Loughborough are happy to answer your questions, however please be aware all our students in Peer Support are volunteers so the email response may not be immediate.   


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Disclaimer:  By using this feature you are seeking the opinion of a student.  Therefore, their views may not necessarily reflect those of the University or the Student Union.  The students will be reflecting on their experiences at University, but courses and opportunities change and we are unable to guarantee that the experience they describe will be replicated in your own time at the University.

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