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International Students' network 2019/2020




Please send over a completed document that answers both the following questions (max 300 words per question), with your name, year of study and position you are applying for:

1. Please list the skills and experience you can bring to this position and to the committee as a whole

2. Please tell us why you are applying for this role and what you hope to achieve if successful



Media & Communications Officer x2:

Support the Ambassadors, Marketing Officer and chair by producing digital media, including posters and designs to aid the visual aspects of marketing and organising various events and campaigns.



An international committee member is a representative of the International Chair; encouraging engagement, helping the International Chair with their strategic plan, and working collaboratively with other committee members throughout the year. It is a volunteer position that requires only a few hours per week, however this may be more when international events are being hosted.


As International Chair, I am passionate about developing two key areas of the student experience for our international students.

1 - Promoting the emotional and practical support for our international students - it is vital international students find their home away from home whilst at Loughborough.

2 - Increasing the participation of our international students across all Union sections, e.g. Action, Employability and Rag, as well as cross-collaborations with other sub-sections under the Welfare & Diversity umbrella.


If you feel like you want to develop these key areas of the student experience and feel that you could bring great enthusiasm to the role, please apply now!

Please send completed applications to Fejiro Amam at and Ana-Maria Bilciu at 

(If the second e-mail does not work, please try no later than 5th June, midnight!



If you have not already, make sure you keep up with us on our official Facebook Group.

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