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Loughborough Students' Union is statistically one of the biggest and best SUs in the UK, hosting various nights out every week, lots of student activities to get involed with and a wide range of music to suit all tastes.

With large capacities and a wide range of different nights out for you to choose from, there are plenty of options for you to have a great night out at the students' union, whether you're basing your chosen night out on an act you want to see, or looking to avoid clashing with your 9am that week.

Much of the union is also used during the day time, hosting the union shop, cafes as well as regular day-time stalls, music and events. Here's an insight into the rooms in the students' union taking you through the day and night:


The main day-time area, Piazza, is home to cafes and shops, and is also open on Wednesday and Friday nights out as an additional seating area, sometimes featuring another bar. This is the area you walk into as you enter the union, and is always full of an eclectic group of people, from students and staff, to prospective students and parents- this is the central hub to get yourself a sandwich from the shop, a coffee from Starbucks or a hot meal from Munch. With regular midday music, including Coffee House Sessions, you can often find yourself taking an enjoyable break in the students' union.

Room One

The biggest room in LSU, holding over 1000 people, this is where you'll be for annual section awards ceremonies, various nights during freshers or where you'll go if you want to have a dance to your favourite chart-topping tunes or dance mixes. Room one often sees acts grace the stage, with previous guests including Professor Green, Blonde, Scott Mills and Danny Howard during Freshers or on a Friday evening at FND! More recently, Room One has also seen the Chuckle Brothers, S Club and the Venga Boys entertaining mid week- acts which have been a massive hit!

For over 30 years The John Cooper's Bar, or just JC's, has been a proud part of Loughborough Students' Union serving all our students as a bar. However, all of this has changed now.  

John Cooper's

Here you can find your new John Cooper's Restaurant & Bar, serving food from 12-8pm!

Click here to see the full menu!


Victory Bar

Please welcome your new Victory Bar!


Fusion is everyone's favourite room for cheesy tunes. Hosting two bars and plenty of dancing room enough for over 800 people, it's certainly the place to go if you want to sing your heart out to 'Wonderwall' every Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday. The space is large enough to host a variety of other events, too. Whether you need a space for a large group meeting, a social or are attending a union-organised event, you're bound to come across Fusion during your time in Loughborough.



Cogs is a great option throughout the day and the week. Open five days a week for a variety of events, this 475 capacity room is suitable for poetry evenings, guest speakers' events, campaign evenings, dancing to your favourite hip-hop or rock music, or even checking out one of the Fresh events. Open during the day, this room also provides a great space for revision, work, casual meetings, or grabbing a coffee with a friend.

As well as all of these rooms, LSU also hosts a range of different sized meeting rooms suitable for break-outs at conferences, committee meetings and more throughout the week. The venue is also available to hire for Birthdays, Committee Events, Awards and any other celebrations!

You can find out more about LSU events here.