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Assemble Disney fans!


In a galaxy far far away...

The disney society comes to you this year bigger and better than ever before!

Are you interested in Disney, Marvel or Star Wars?

Then come join us on an unforgettable journey through galaxies, alternate realities and magical dimentions.

why join?

- a supportive community that is just as passionate about fictional worlds as you are.
- It's a way to Combat stress by escaping to your favourite fictional worlds.
- It Widens your social circle and teaches you to look at things from new angles.



This year your committee will provide entertainment for everyone.
Become tony stark and create your own arc reactor or see how well you can work spiderman's web-shooters.
Save han solo from his freezing carbon prison or see if you're better at shoorting than the storm troopers in a laser tag game.
Join captain jack sparrow on his hunt for immortality or see if you're a good enough cook to work at tiana's restaurant.
See if you can keep wreck it ralph from breaking your egg or discuss disney's darkest secrets with other conspiracy enthusiasts.


Socials each week will correspond to the newest Disney releases and help you hype up for the upcoming films all the way to avengers 4. We will also be making 2 trips this year to watch Disney on ice in nottingham and Aladdin the musical in london.
We will also be hosting 2 balls for the members with the themes yet to be decided. Charity and action projects will also be available for those interested and will also be connected to the Disney, Marvel or Star Wars.



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  Chair - Ralitsa Zapryanova                                                  Events - Leo Li                               



Discover Your Disney Character!

Quiz pending :)



Here's a glimpse of our previous years. ;)


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See you soon. 

Love from your chair, and the committee!



A Message From Our Founders

Creating the Disney society was one of the best decisions we ever made and we're so incredibly proud. It's done so fantastically. From winning awards to meeting some of our closest friends, everything wonderful has happened with Disney society. We created the society with the idea that every member gains something wonderful and personal from the magic and beauty of Disney. In the words of Peter Pan, 'all it takes is faith and trust', so come along to the best society of 2015, we promise you wont regret it! With all the love, your society founders, Esther and Marisha xxxxxxxxxx <3 <3 <3


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