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Welcome to the Loughborough F1 Society!

Calling all formula one fans! Loughborough F1 Society offers you the opportunity to come along to various events; from watching Grand Prix races on the weekend to, fun go karting trips, F1 gaming and quizzes with lots of prizes to be won. We aim to bring everyone together who has a common interest in formula 1, its a great chance to meet many other like-minded people and above all enjoy a laugh with each others company!  

For £5 pounds a year, those of you who are fascinated in watching the world’s best racing drivers and engineers compete in the high speed and high adrenaline-fuelled sport, this is the society for you!

Check out the rest of the page to see the stash we offer, the gallery and to sign up! For any more information contact: p.n.c.marks-13@student.lboro.ac.uk


2015 Grand Prix Schedule: (Grand Prix races held in JC's)      Go Karting Socials: (click on the image to view the gallery)

Australia                  March 15th           

Spain                       May 10th                             

Monaco                    May 24th                                           

Russia                     October 11th

United States           October 25th

Mexico                    November 1st

Brazil                      November 15th

Abu Dhabi               November 29th


Stash:                                                                                  Committee:



                                 Polly Marks - p.n.c.marks-13@student.lboro.ac.uk


                                 Adam Williams - a.williams-13@student.lboro.ac.uk


                                 Alex Morton - a.morton-13@student.lboro.ac.uk


                                 Mahesh Chhiba - m.chhiba-13@student.lboro.ac.uk

                                 Social Sec and Web Developer:

                                 Raheem Husen - r.husen-14@student.lboro.ac.uk


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